Education policies should be colour-blind


  …our education system needs reshaping and opportunities to succeed should be colour-blind.

Here we have an eager and brilliant student whose future has been denied by the discriminatory attitude of policymakers. It says loudly that non-bumis should not depend on government assistance to even have an opportunity to develop a career, no matter how brilliant you are.

I was once in a similar conundrum in the 80s. I did not get a credit for BM in the SPM, therefore I was unable to continue my education in a government school or obtain any local scholarship. It was due to my parents’ effort and the generosity of the Australian government which in those days provided scholarships under the EMSS scheme that enabled me to become a doctor.

I chose to come back and served seven memorable years in the Malaysian health system despite the fact that I had been treated better by the Australian government and hold PR status there, simply because I consider myself a Malaysian at heart.

It therefore infuriates me to hear of PSD scholarship holders refusing to return to their motherland because of their selfishness. Their action must not go unpunished, no matter who their parents are.

Desperate Student’s dilemma should not be ignored, and I am sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, of them in a similar predicament. When they are exposed to such discriminatory policy at such a young age, there is little wonder why brain drain occurs.

Therefore, it is high time the secondary school system be re-evaluated to ensure that the inability to get a credit in Bahasa Malaysia is not equated to being a useless person who doesn’t deserve any future in this country.

Entrance to local universities must be based on meritocracy. It should be practised fully, not as a policy guideline or merely lip service only.

The awarding of PSD scholarships should be made transparent and non-discriminatory and perhaps a heavy fine imposed for breach of contract for those who abscond their bondage. We will never achieve a developed society status if we can’t even appreciate these values.

Education policies should be colour-blind


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