How Malaysia could equal Singapore


..In a September interview with the UCLA Media Centre, Lee said that if Malaysia would “just educate the Chinese and Indians, use them and treat them as their citizens, they can equal us and even do better than us and we would be happy to rejoin them”.

Kuan Yew: Asean will be like EU


Wither Malaysia, under BN ?

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One comment on “How Malaysia could equal Singapore
  1. Ben Ben says:

    Mr Lee’s comment seems to suggest that only the Chinese and Indians are good ! I personally believe that the Malayss can be equally good if proper training and opportunities are provided. I see the main problem with Malaysia is that we “export” our talented people overseas. Non-Malays do not have good choice of education locally because good courses in good universities are “reserved”. So they have to pay through their nose to send their children overseas. By the time the children graduated, they are so use to the lifestyle there and with a better earning overseas – probably due to our weak ringgit (which I believe has been artifically suppressed, they do not come back. As for the Malays, all the bright young people are offered generous scholarship or loan to study overseas. After they have graduated, they too do not want to come back

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