In spite of UMNO, Malays move ahead


Can we assume that these Malays have indeed lived up to the basic principle of affirmative action, which is that once he has been given a leg up and is able to ride on his own, he should then refuse any more aid?
Have the Malays disavowed their narrow political agenda and agreed to look into diminishing their special privileges? Have the Malays surrendered the will of their majority to that of the minority?
If this is so, then the Malay majority is taking its second leap of faith. The first, of course, was when they sacrificed their majority by agreeing to accord citizenship for other races ahead of Merdeka.
I believe that there must be a substantial number of Malays who are now fairly comfortable with their position in society to lend support to DAP and its Malaysian Malaysia ideal. There are, after all, some Malays who continue to be apologetic about the fact that they are beneficiaries of policies that favour them.
To them, I suppose, DAP or Pas or PKR or BN are political parties to be judged purely on their promises, and not much else, and certainly not by their Malay agenda.
But I also tend to believe that there were many Malays who might have acted out of anger at the incumbent — marahkan nyamuk kelambu dibakar or throwing the baby with the bath water — and punished those whose raison d’etre is to champion their cause.
Many Malays it seems are also now comfortable with the idea of diminishing of the Ketuanan Melayu or Malay dominance concept. The PR is promoting Ketuanan Rakyat or the people’s dominance. In fact, one PR leader even lodged a police report against the Crown Prince of Kelantan, alleging that the latter’s remark on Malay dominance was seditious.
Such an act, which would have had the Malays up in arms, drew only muted response. Enter the new age republican Malays?
Thus the evolution of the Malay political psyche, or is it just a passing fancy, a convenience embraced in the rough and tumble of Malaysian politics? Is the heralding of non-race-based politics 50 years too late, or too early for comfort?

The New Straits Times Online……..


Dawn of a new Malaysia

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