Najib expounds "Glokal"

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak reminded Malays to hold firmly to the “glokal” concept, telling them that while they excelled on the world stage they should not forget their place of origin.
He said Malays who sought and achieved success elsewhere, including overseas, should not forget the village they came from and should find ways to “return the favour”.
“After we have travelled far … when the time comes, we should return the favour to our place of origin.
“As the saying `Think Global, Act Local’ goes, even when our thoughts have reached out to the whole world, our actions must be locally oriented,” he said at a Family Day organised by the Kelab Anak Wawasan Pekan for Malays from Pekan, Pahang, who had excelled elsewhere.
The “glokal” concept encapsulates a Malay who is recognised for his mental ability and values at the international level and having a role on the world stage but who is, at the same time, great in the country because of his success and resilience rooted in Islam, the Malay culture and natural heritage.

Source: Bernama


Definition of glocalization:

Glocalization, a neologism and contraction of globalization and localization, entails one or both of the following:*The creation of products or services intended for the global market, but customized to suit the local culture.*Using electronic communications technologies, such as the Internet, to provide local services on a global (or potentially global) basis. Craigslist and Meetup are examples of web applications that have glocalized their approach.

Source: wikipedia

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