Zakaria allegedly involved in illegal deal

Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros is back in the spotlight. He is alleged to have stolen sand from a plot of land belonging to a company he is seeking to restrain. 

This revelation was made after the Court of Appeal allowed Datuk Muhamad Fasir @ Fasri Samsudin and eight others to adduce fresh evidence to be used in Zakaria’s appeal at the court yesterday. 

Muhamad Fasir’s counsel Abraham submitted that while his clients were observing the High Court order not to deal with the land pending the appeal to the Court of Appeal, it was discovered in mid-2006, Zakaria had made unlawful deals with third parties in order to trespass and steal sand from the land belonging to Masmanis Sdn Bhd. 

Abraham said Masmanis personnel lodged a police report on June 1 last year. The next day , the contractor who dealt with the assemblyman and his assistant Shohimi Shafie, lodged a police report claiming he had paid RM200,000 as part payment to the two men to excavate sand from the land. 

On Oct 18, last year, Shohimi made a statutory declaration that he was acting under instructions from Zakaria. 

Source: The Star


Zakaria in the news

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3 comments on “Zakaria allegedly involved in illegal deal
  1. imran says:

    zakaria ni memang banganglah. aku harap dia, zulkipli and johari kena siasat habis-habisan.

  2. YB Z nampaknya akan didakwa esok. Betulkah kerajaan berniat untuk menghukum penjenayah ini?

  3. sds says:

    jikalau hamba ALLAH ini tidak mendapat pengadilan di bumi Malaysia ini, janganlah risau saudara sekalian. kita lihatlah bagaimana dia di disoal di depan tuhan nanti..

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